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Fertility Nutraceuticals

Fertility Starter Pack for Women 35 & Up

$284.00 $359.50

Conception starts at the cellular level.

Our Fertility Starter Pack for Women 35 & Up includes key ingredients to get your body ready for conception at the cellular level:

OVOENERGENTM Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

  • CoQ10 is the primary antioxidant the human cell provides to protect and support mitochondria while they work to mature the egg each month for ovulation. Without this vital molecule, the energy that is available to that tissue decreases, and egg quality suffers.

CONFLAM-ForteTM Antioxidant Immune Support

  • Today’s modern world is filled with external triggers that may inflame our bodies at the cellular level. These triggers may create oxidative damage in our cells, including a woman's egg cell. Research shows that oxidative stress is a major mechanism underlying ovarian aging. Oxidative damage to mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, is now thought to be one of the major ways that aging impacts egg quality. Recent research found that women with higher total antioxidant levels during IVF cycles had a greater chance of becoming pregnant.

Prenatal Vitamins with DHEA

  • Supplies all of the essential prenatal vitamins and minerals needed for healthy fetal development, along with 25 mg of DHEA per day that supports fertility specifically for women over 35.
  • DHEA is a naturally occurring hormone precursor produced in human bodies – it’s necessary for the production of testosterone, which plays a key role in women’s ovaries. DHEA levels naturally fall as we age, but DHEA is vital to support the earliest phase of egg development. If a woman doesn’t have enough DHEA, fewer eggs will go through the early stages of development and be contenders for ovulation or ovarian stimulation during IVF. DHEA supplementation has been shown to replenish testosterone levels, which encourages more follicles (and therefore more eggs) to develop each month.


It takes approximately 90 days for a follicle to mature from an antral follicle into a mature oocyte that is ready to be fertilized. Therefore, in order for our Fertility Starter Pack to have the maximum effect on your body at the cellular level, we recommend at least 90 days of supplementation ahead of conception.


All of our supplements undergo a rigorous 3-step quality assurance process. Every batch of our supplements goes through third-party testing at independent laboratories, a rare benchmark in the industry.


All-natural, pharmaceutical-grade products designed in partnership with clinicians who use our products in practice with patients around the globe.

  • 100% plant-derived, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • Patent-protected formulations
  • Gluten-free, contains no artificial preservatives, fillers, colors or sweeteners


  • OVOENERGENTM Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is suspended in olive oil in order to maximize absorption and bioavailability
  • DHEA in Prenatal Vitamins with DHEA is micronized to the same particle sizes as the DHEA used in clinical studies conducted by the Center for Human Reproduction in NYC


Morning - with a meal

  • 2 OVOENERGENTM Coenzyme Q10 softgels
  • 1 capsule of CONFLAM-ForteTM
  • 1 tablet of Prenatal Vitamins with DHEA

Afternoon - with a meal

  • 2 OVOENERGENTM Coenzyme Q10 softgels
  • 1 capsule of CONFLAM-ForteTM

Evening - with a meal

  • 2 OVOENERGENTM Coenzyme Q10 softgels
  • 1 capsule of CONFLAM-ForteTM


OVOENERGENTM Coenzyme Q10: Consult your physician before starting CoQ10 supplementation. The following women should not take Coenzyme Q10:

  • Patients taking prescription drugs including but not limited to chemotherapeutic medications, antihypertensive drugs and  anticoagulants.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Women with any of these conditions should consult their doctor prior to OVOENERGENTM supplementation:

  • Low blood pressure
  • High blood pressure
  • Anyone scheduled for surgery

CONFLAM-Forte: Consult your physician before starting supplementation. The following women should not take CONFLAM-Forte:

  • Women who are sensitive to niacin

The following women should consult their doctor prior to CONFLAM-ForteTM supplementation:

  • Women taking any prescription medications
  • Women with medical conditions

Prenatal Vitamins with DHEA: Consult your physician before starting DHEA supplementation. The following women should not take DHEA:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Women with a history or family history of hormone-sensitive cancer (such as breast, ovarian or uterine)
  • Women under the age of 18

Women with any of these conditions should consult their doctor prior to DHEA usage:

  • Estrogen-sensitive benign medical conditions (endometriosis or PCOS)
  • Women on medical treatments or drug therapies for other conditions
  • Diabetic patients
  • Individuals with a history of mood disorders
  • Individuals with a family history of lipid abnormalities
  • Individuals with existing liver conditions


OVOENERGEN™ Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) 167 mg


Prenatal Vitamins with DHEA


Fertility Nutraceuticals, (FNC) collaborated with the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR) in developing its first product, FERTINATAL®, which is endorsed by the CHR. CHR owns four U.S. patents on the effects of DHEA on female fertility. FNC is licensed to cite these patents, and pays CHR patent licensing fees. In addition, Norbert Gleicher, MD, who is the owner of CHR and listed as co-inventor on these patents, is a shareholder of FNC and receives patent licensing fees from FNC.

We accept returns of our products only if a product is proven defective or was shipped in error, for a period of 30 days from receipt of the product. If a product was proven defective, or shipped in error, a replacement will be shipped at our expense immediately upon receipt of the defective product or the product shipped in error.

Partially for this reason, we strongly recommend you discuss supplementation with any of our fertility supplements with your physician before placing an order.

A cancellation request is accepted only if it is received before the product is shipped out of our facility. If you need to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible at 212-628-0851 or at Once the order leaves our facility, we cannot accept cancellations.

Refunds will be issued within 15 days of receipt of the authorized return to the same credit card account used for original purchase.

To receive either a replacement product or a refund, a return authorization (RA) number must be obtained first. Returns without such prior RA will not be accepted. To receive such an RA, please call our customer service at 212-628-0851.

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Fertility Starter Pack for Women 35 & Up

$284.00 $359.50