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FERTINATAL® DHEA supports female fertility through robust egg development in a healthy environment in the ovaries*. FERTINATAL® is the only fertility-specific DHEA supplement on the market, designed to improve pregnancy chances for women with low ovarian reserve*.
In order to ensure that eggs go through the 2 to 3 months of maturation process in a healthy ovarian environment, at least 6 weeks of supplementation with FERTINATAL® is recommended for women over 40 and/or women undergoing fertility treatments due to low ovarian reserve*. Read more about improving egg quality with DHEA.
FERTINATAL ® is endorsed by the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR), the fertility center that introduced DHEA supplementation for women with diminished ovarian reserve, and a holder of multiple US patents on DHEA and women’s fertility*. It is the fertility DHEA for women who want to augment fertility treatments they are receiving at IVF centers*.
  • Provides 75 mg per day of plant-derived, pharmaceutical-grade DHEA
  • Follows the strict quality control and micronization standards set forth by the CHR
  • Comes in 3×7 blister packs that make the 3-times-daily recommended schedule easy to follow
  • Undergoes one of the most rigorous quality control processes in the Nutraceuticals industry, including a third-party testing to ensure adherence to the specifications


Supports female reproductive health.

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Supports female reproductive health.

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Supports female reproductive health.