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CHR’s Two New Patents Shed Light On How DHEA Works To Improve Fertility For Women

Center for Human Reproduction (CHR), the leading fertility research and treatment center in New York City with which we collaborated in developing our FERTINATAL® DHEA, has good news: CHR just had two patent applications approved by the USPTO, regarding androgen supplementation for female fertility, including DHEA*.

The two patents (#8,501,718 and #8,501,719) describe how the use of androgen supplementation, including DHEA, restores the deteriorated ovarian environment to its youthful, androgen-rich state*. This deterioration of ovarian environment may be due to advanced female age (women over 38) or premature ovarian aging (indicated by abnormally high FSH or abnormally low AMH levels). When the ovarian environment lacks sufficient androgen levels, eggs go through the final maturation process in a suboptimal growth condition. CHR’s two new patents describe the mechanism in which supplementation with DHEA returns the androgen-deprived ovarian environment back to optimal condition for the egg maturation process*.

While one patent focuses on this mechanism, the other describes the improvement of AMH levels post-DHEA as a positive prognostic sign for women trying to conceive with IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies*. According to the patent (and CHR’s research), women whose initially low AMH levels rise back to their age-specific “normal” levels after DHEA supplementation have the best chance of conception via IVF*.

The new patents follow the two previously awarded patents (#7,615,544 and #8,067,400), which describe DHEA supplementation as a means to improve various quality parameters of eggs and embryos, to shorten time to pregnancy and to improve pregnancy rates*. Improving pregnancy chances for women with DOR has been a long-standing research focus at CHR, and CHR’s introduction of DHEA supplementation, almost a decade ago, truly revolutionized fertility treatments for women with DOR*. Fertility Nutraceuticals, licensed these original CHR patents, and developed FERTINATAL® DHEA based on what “worked” in CHR’s fertility research and clinical care*.

For more information about how FERTINATAL® DHEA for female fertility works, click here.