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Resveratrol improves in vitro oocyte maturation in women 38-45: Research in Brief

With age, our bodies accumulate damage, and oocytes aren’t an exception. Damages from reactive oxygen species to both oocytes and mitochondria, the cellular battery, are well known as the major contributing factors to the age-related decline in fertility, especially among women. A plethora of antioxidants have been investigated as a...

DHA and DHEA: Different Benefits for Pregnancy

One question that comes up often about our Fertinatal DHEA is this: “Is this the same as DHA?” The short answer is no – DHA, short for docosahexaenoic acid, is an omega-3 fatty acid, while DHEA, short for dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone. Adding to the confusion due to the similar-sounding...

DHEA for Better IVF Outcomes: Where the Science Stands

DHEA is one of the more commonly used IVF supplements at fertility centers throughout the world, particularly in the United States. Although some doctors are not as enthusiastic about incorporating DHEA into their IVF protocols, scientific evidence has been accumulating for some time for its fertility benefits among women with...

Zinc’s Role in Fighting Off COVID-19 and Protecting Fertility: New Research in Brief

Researchers from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Michigan theorize that depletion of zinc due to a COVID-19 infection may have fertility implications - and posit that zinc supplementation may be an effective way to both fight against COVID-19 and safeguard male and female fertility.

How Inflammation Impacts Endometriosis, Fertility and Egg Quality

Chronic inflammation from endometriosis can impact egg quality and fertility in surprising ways. We delve into the latest research on how inflammatory processes alter the gene expressions in the granulosa cells, the cells that support and nurture the developing eggs.

A Leading Fertility Doctor's Take on the Covid-19 Vaccine

  Written by Norbert Gleicher MD, FACOG, FACS With vaccinations against the SARS-CoV-2 virus being initiated around the world this month, it appears unlikely that this first phase of immunizations will include many infertility patients. Priority has been correctly assigned to health care providers, first responders and older individuals (males over female) with highest...

The Effects of CoQ10 on Poor Ovarian Response

Poor ovarian response is a common fertility barrier during IVF. Research shows that CoQ10 is a possible  effective treatment, offering hope for women struggling with infertility.

4 Important Fertility Questions Answered

Fertility supplements are sold over the counter in the United States.  They are available for purchase without a prescription or recommendation from your doctor.  However, we always recommend a chat with your doctor before starting any supplements to make sure they are appropriate for your care.  If you need help...

Miscarriage is Common. That Doesn’t Make It Easy.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, a natural time to pause and acknowledge that the reproductive journey is too often marked by loss and grief. If this is a tender subject for you, be aware this article may be especially difficult to read.   The statistical reality Miscarriage...