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What are the potential side effects of FERTINATAL DHEA?

FERTINATAL® is the only DHEA on the market that exactly reflects the DHEA used in groundbreaking initial studies that demonstrated the fertility-enhancing effects of DHEA in women and resulted in the awarding of multiple U.S. patents. Since DHEA is a so-called “natural” hormone (i.e., our bodies produce this hormone naturally), if given in dosages that mimic the natural production rate, side effects are rare and mild. Moreover, side effects are immediately reversible by either reducing the dosage or stopping supplementation completely.

DHEA side effects include oily skin, acne, hair loss, very rarely increased hirsutism (hair growth) and/or deepening of the voice, increased libido and assertiveness, gastro-intestinal complaints and very rarely elevate blood pressure (hypertension). A large majority of women exhibit none of these side effects, as long as dosages of DHEA do not exceed 75mg daily.

The published literature suggests that purity and quality of DHEA products on the market greatly vary. Side effects of DHEA may, therefore, also be product-dependent, since impurities may cause side effects. FERTINATAL® DHEA has no such impurities because each batch undergoes a rigorous quality control process that is independent from the manufacturer before reaching the market.